Tyler Perry Injures Oprah Winfrey!!

Apparently TYLER PERRY likes to do it so big, that he’s hurt OPRAH WINFREY in the process.
Earlier this week the big O, celebrated her 58th birthday with a large and beautiful flower arrangement sent from her friend PERRY.
PERRY took to his Facebook to apologize for sending an arrangement so large that when OPRAH went to lift it, it threw her back out.
“I FEEL SO BAD,” Perry said, “I like to send really large flower arrangements to people for whatever occasion. Well, I sent one to Oprah yesterday for her birthday. She strained her back picking it up. No joke! Feel better Oprah. Happy birthday. Sorry.”
He continued jokingly, “Next year I’m sending her one rose.”
OPRAH responded back to PERRY on Twitter to make him feel better, “No need to feel bad, love the roses and got an extra day in bed. Can you say #icepack.”