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BasketBallWife Kenya Bell Says Suzie’s Trying To Remain Relevant!!!

Episode 2 has aired, and new cast member KENYA BELL caught some heat for her eccentric home YouTube videos and seemingly shaky music career.

Tell us what were those YouTube videos about? KENYA BELL: First of all, those YouTube videos were done years ago. They are just for fun. They’re not serious. I wasn’t trying to make a real music video. Basically, when I work out I like to dance. So I was like I’m gonna learn some BEYONCCE [choreography] for fun. My husband at the time agreed to tape them and we edited them together for my website. In order for me to upload them to my website I had to put them on YouTube first. So that’s all that was.
Interesting, because the show made it seem like you were serious about those videos – especially your reaction when Suzie said you looked like you were possessed.

Chris's New Girlfriend Karreuche Sends Rihanna A Message!!

Former lovers RIHANNA andCHRIS BROWN stirred up controversy by featuring each other on their remixes “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up The Music,” and BROWN’s current girlfriend, modelKARREUCHE TRAN, sent a not-so-subtle public a message to let the world know RI-RI isn’t really a threat.

BROWN cooked dinner for KARREUCHE last night, and his romantic gesture was shared with his adoring fans on Twitter. KARREUCHE tweeted a photo of the meal along with the caption, “Yeah…Be Mad!” We didn’t need to wonder who KARRAUCHE’s little jab was directed to, considering after RIHANNA and CHRIS first announced their collaboration, RIHANNA tweeted, “We Bad, U Mad.” RIHANNA may have to find someone else to “come and put their name on it!”

Drake Responds to All the Subliminal Shots and Disses

When asked about all of his alleged nemeses, Drake tries his hand at diplomacy. “I’ve got no issues with him,” he says of Future, who was upset that Drake didn’t appear in the video for his single “Tony Montana.” “I’m happy I got on the song.” Pusha T, who once cryptically rhymed that “the swag don’t match the sweaters,” gets off easy, too. “I’ve been really open about my love for the Clipse,” he says. “I don’t know, maybe that guy is bored.” Ludacris, who was accused of stealing Big Sean and Drake’s hashtag flow, also receives a halfhearted smackdown. “That’s a case of somebody trying to use my marketing money to get things going again for themselves. That didn’t affect my day, my month, my year. I didn’t take any of that seriously.” But when it comes to tossing off disses, Drake’s not above delivering his own veiled swipes these days. On “Dreams Money Can Buy,” he surveys the hip-hop landscape and decides he’s sorely disappointed by what he sees. “Lately it went from top five to remain…

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Basketball Wives Recap

In last night’s episode ofBasketball Wives, viewers got to see Royce being productive by auditioning for her first major acting gig. Royce tried out for the Off-Broadway play,Platanos Y Collard Greens, and was happy to learn that she landed the role. Suzie did a drastic 180. She traded her usual fun loving no drama persona for her mean girl panties. After discovering some weird music videos done by Kenya, Suzie showed them to some of the other women in the group and clowned Kenya. Eventually, Suzie decided she wanted to confront Kenya about why they were so ridiculous but it obviously didn’t go very well. Sure, the videos were strange but Kenya didn't think so and, what's the point of a confrontation for something so silly? You don't like the videos then don't watch them. In the end, Suzie left a bad impression on Royce and Kenya, and it’s only a matter of time before she gets called out. In the last series of standout events, Evelyn seems to be ok with Ochocinco cheatin…

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Jackie Christie Dishes Advice to 'Basketball Wives' Miami Cast

Being on the L.A. cast, what would you like to see from the Miami cast in season 4? Jackie Christie: I would love to see more about their families. I’ve gotten to know the girls now watching the prior seasons, and I like what I see. I got to see Evelyn’s daughter. I’d like to see Shaunie’s kids and their interactions. I would also love to see more of their businesses. You bring a lot of flavor to your cast. Do you feel there should be more of that with the Miami cast? [Laughs] I think we get that a lot with some of the girls: Tami Roman and Evelyn. Even Jennifer is starting to show it a little more. Shaunie just by nature—and I know her personally—she just seems to be a lot calmer of a person anyway. But Shaunie has fire to her as well and that is yet to be seen. I think it’s really a great cast. Suzie has her own personality. The way they’re doing it is awesome, but I also feel like the more we see more of the girls and the different situations in their work environments, we’ll see more…