Who knew that Vin Diesel had a twin? Well, considering how secretive this guy is about his personal life, we’re not surprised that we didn’t know. His privacy is also evinced in the fact that we could barely find a photo of his twin brother Paul, who apparently works as a film editor in New York.
Don’t you miss Jagged Edge? Connecticut born twins Brian Casey and Brandon Casey led the four-person singing group on Jermaine Dupri’s SoSoDef label.
Tiki Barber and Ronde Barber have a lot in common, even for twins! They not only both play professional football but they even have similar taste in women, both having married Asian-American women. But we already know what happened with Tiki’s marriage – many people didn’t even know who he was til news broke that he left his pregnant wife for a much younger woman.
Like her superstar sister actress Tasha Smith, Sidra Smith works in the entertainment industry as a producer and director.  Sidra is based in New York City.
It always seems that Malorie Bailey Massie is crying over her sister Cynthia’s situation at any given moment on Real Housewives of Atlanta. We sure hope they show her in happier times soon. Malorie acts as her sister’s assistant (Cynthia has be working as a model for at least twenty years) and is married to basketball player Chris Massie, who plays overseas for a French team. Cynthia, of course, is a member of RHOA who keeps viewers staying tuned as the ups and downs of her marriage to Peter unfold in front of the cameras.
The Haqq sisters are celebrities by association of reality stars The Kardashians. You may know Malika from her regular appearances on Khloe & Lamar as the best friend of  Khloe and former flame of brother Robert Kardashian. Sister Khadijah is a busy mom, who is married to NFL player Bobby McCray. A lesser known fact is that these two work as actresses and have appeared in small acting parts since their teen years.


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